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Do you get FREE web space from America Online, Prodigy, Inch, EarthLink or other ISP?


We can design a personal home page, business, corporate or educational web site at a fraction of what others charge. Special low-cost promotion services for your page to get the word out on the web! If you'd like your own domain & server, we can offer fast, efficient and reasonable choice for every need.You finished web site is then posted on either your own server, on our STSS T-3 HiSpeed Server, or delivered to you on CD-Rom. E-Mail us for more info about any and all of these services.

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Specializing in Music Business/Industry, Bands and Recording Artists! We can design a site for you on any level. Look your best online with a great new website or update your exsisting site! Talk to us about some great options for your site!

Choose from several options packages or " a la carte!"

Now offering BLAZING T3 Servers to HOST your site! Talk to us today!

NEW! Optimize your space and have your pages load faster with our new HTML Optimizing Services!

Before: about 71k AFTER: about 48k !!!! It's fantastic! Pages load faster on any browser!

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Local Show
People's Choice

Includes -->

Hi Speed Graphics (up to five)

up to 3 pages of content (defined by STC and may not be more than one typed page)

5 Scanned Images

2 Animated Images

E-Mail Forwarding

Upload to your server

Hi Speed Graphics (up to ten)

up to 5 pages of content

5 Scanned Images

Frames or Non-Frames

Up to 2 RealAudio files

Custom Background Texture

E-Mail Forwarding

Basic Six Major Search Engine Promotion

Hi Speed Graphics with Macromedia Fireworks (up to 15)

up to 10 pages of content accelerated

10 Scanned Images

Frames or Non-Frames

Up to 3 RealAudio/WAV files or stylized images with special effects.

Custom Background Texture

E-Mail Forwarding

400 Search Engine Promotion

LinkExchange Banner, Counter and LISTSERV Setup

Additional options -->

Custom Background Texture

Site Promotion to Search Engines

Banner Ads

Upgrade to more search engines in promotion

RealVideo/Quick Time Mov

Unique Domain Name (yourname.com) requires InterNic registration fee

Banner Ads

QuickTime Mov or RealVideo from VHS

Unique Domain Name requires InterNic registration fee

E-Mail Access and Forwarding

CGI Forms (up to two)

Java Counter w/ tracking

Fusion/CyberStudio Design

If you have/need --?

Best if you have a server or free web space from your Internet service provider, such as AOL or EarthLink servers (2-5M).


For "free" web space and/or basic web sites using 5-8M. Can be on our server or provided server.


Your own website for "yourname.com," an established artist or business. Great and easy to find.


Made with a Mac!

We use the latest technology to make your site look and sound it's best!

Get the exposure you want and the look you want for the price you can afford.

We can use your existing materials or create a custom look with you.

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We also can provide monthly maintenance for your site including a LISTSERV, Mail Forwarding, Up to 3 pages of updated text and more!

$25.00/month or $250.00/yr. on "Local" plan - Page updates and single promotion to search engines only. Great for personal pages!

$35.00/month or $350.00/yr. on "Choice" plan - Counter Stats, quarterly promotion to search engines and limited site updates only. Great for bands and clubs!

$60.00/month or $600.00/yr. on "Award" plan - Includes monthly promotion to search engines(for best placement and visibility), weekly counter stat reports, seperate e-mail services and forwarding, page updates, banner creation, listserv/mailing list and much more! Best Value, Best Exposure!

Talk to us about your specific needs and best pricing packages!

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A La Carte Items (individual additions)

Cost per Item

Image Scan and Maximize for Web

$4.95 ea.

Transfer Audio to RealAudio and/or WAV

$25.00 ea. per 30 seconds

Animation Creations

$25.00 ea. for 10 frame and web optimizing

Logo Design

$120/hr with two hour minimum

InterNic Domain Name Registration (2 yr.)

$70.00 fixed paid directly to InterNic

Transfer to Zip Disk (Mac Format)

$40.00 (includes disk)

Promotion to Internet Search Engines (up to 400 )

Contact for details

RealVideo or QuickTime MOV from VHS

$150.00 / :30sec for 1st MOV; 90.00 ea. add'l MOV

Cost per page of web design


Web Logo Design/Acceleration Combo


HTML Acceleration

$50.00/pg exsisting; $40.00/pg new

Hourly For Non-Plan Updates/Changes


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Now offering BLAZING T3 Servers to HOST your site!
Talk to us today!

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 Special pricing available! If you are an exsisting client in any division of Size Thirteen, receive 15% off as package pricing. If you are a new client, select any two or more products, services or complete site package design and receive 15% off! Talk to us for details on this special limited offer!

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